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                    TYPES of SHOWER ENCLOSURES
Shower doors and enclosures are broken down into several "types" of systems that are determined by the amount of glass and metal components. 
The least amount of metal would be frameless. This frameless "type" uses thicker (3/8" & 1/2") glass that can "stand-up" without a frame, but will use metal hinges, metal wall and glass connectors, and a metal handle. 

The next "less" metal shower enclosure would be semi-frameless. Semi-frameless enclosures use 1/4" thick glass and have metal on only one side of the door, but it must close into a framed system. The frame it closes into is nearly the same as a framed unit.

The least glass and most metal in a shower enclosure is a framed shower enclosure. These systems generally use 3/16" glass and are "glazed" with rubber on all sides that the glass touches the metal frame.

Huge Picture Galleries, just "click" on the tabs at the top

Quick Pics : A collection of all types of shower doors and enclosures

Frameless Pics, tab 1 
: Solid heavy/glass doors 2 hinges 1 handle
  Tab 2- Frameless Misc 
; More examples of larger/complex systems

Semi-frameless Pics, tab one 
: Mostly solid glass door, aluminum frame.
  Tab 2 : Semi-frameless bypass ; All glass sliding doors hung from a heavy metal top and slim metal slides and bottom that keep the water in. 

Framed Pics : All glass is surrounded by rubber/glazed metal for support
 Tab 2 ; Framed bypass framed sliding doors hung from a heavy metal top and slim metal sides and bottom to hold the water in.

The Highest Quality Shower Enclosures! The Lowest Discount Prices

We are proud to be locally family owned and operated company serving all of Metro-Atlanta and Vicinity. Our only business is Super Discounted Shower Doors, Enclosures, customer convenience Mirrors and Inside Home Glass
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Our Specialty and the Largest discounts are in Heavy Glass Frameless.
We use "beveled" hinges, oversize 8" handles, cut glass out of square, and
mount panels using mini glass clips (all color matched). Beautiful Frameless!
*no u-channel to mount panels unless, asked to do so by the customer.

  We Beat any Price! Everytime! While using the Highest Quality parts

  All Shower Enclosures are covered by a limited Lifetime Warranty

  SDbyTJ is the only ATL shower door company that offers this great warranty!

We cut-out all excess costs by buying all our supplies with cash directly from manufacturers, eliminating commissioned sales people and by buying in large quantities so that we can pass on Super Discount savings to our customers.

We provide free phone quotes immediately, or at most, a couple of hours.

We always will do our own measurements to the 1/16th of an inch, laser the walls and curbs.

Upon picking us to do the job, we can have your detail/measurement done, usually within 24 hours!

No money down. We will email or fax a very simple contract to you for your approval. On the same day, after receiving the contract back, we will order any
additional materials and have you
installed in as little as seven to ten days....

*In keeping to the belief that sometimes less is more, and knowing
that we get into "too much information" in some of these pages going forward, if you have any Questions, CALL explain better. 

Heavy Glass Frameless: (min/max) Door, Door and Panel(s), Bypass Slider
3/8"- 1/2" glass thickness, $$Discounted greater than 45%, Any Glass or Colors. Highest Quality components from SE, CRL, Cardinal and H&M.

Semi- Frameless:
(min/max) Door, Door and Panel(s), Bypass Slider
1/4" glass thickness, $$Discounted greater than 35% Most Glass or Colors. Highest Quality components from Cardinal.

Framed:(min/max) Door, Door and Panel(s), Bypass Slider
3/16"- 1/4" glass thickness, $$Discounted greater than 25%, Most glass or Colors. Highest Quality components from Cardinal.

Mirrors: Custom made and edged to your order
$$Discounted Over 40%

Home Glass: Custom made Glass Shelving, Furniture covers (toppers)
                    $$Discounted over 30%

        Serving ALL of Metro-Atlanta and Vicinity

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