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The Highest Quality Shower Enclosures! The Lowest Discount Prices! 

Glass Types            Lifetime Warranty 

99% of all Shower enclosures use clear glass. We use Crystal Clear glass which is a higher grade of clear glass.
Textured or tinted glass, even though you can see through it somewhat less, tend to hide the shower stall from the outside.
Therefore if you have new tile, and want to see your beautiful tile and open up your bathroom, you would use clear glass.
Besides the obvious "see through" advantage, clear glass is much more competitively priced. Most textured glass in 3/8" thick is at least twice the price of clear. 

Heavy Glass Frameless: 3/8", 1/2" (rare) clear, rarely textured or tinted

Semi- Frameless:
1/4" clear, rarely textured or tinted

Framed: 3/16"-1/4" thick, clear and textured most common

Mirrors: 1/4" thick, mirror

Home Glass:
1/8"- 1/2" thick

We currently have available several textured glass types from various glass companies for framed and semi-frameless enclosures. Basics are "Rain", "Aquatex" (hammered) and "Pattern 62" (pebble). Please ask for pricing details.

Many more 3/8" pattern glasses are available from Cardinal Glass...Please ask for pricing details.

In addition we can bring large samples for your inspection at your Detail/Measurement.

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