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General measurement sheets (below) so that you understand the kind of information that we need to quote your enclosure. 
We always measure ourselves once you have picked us to install your shower enclosure.
We will make our own drawing during your phone quote, however if you would like, you may (copy, paste, print, fax or scan & email these sheets ,or others, to us at

Measuring Your Shower

     Whether installing your own enclosure or having it done by a professional, there are some key measurements that need to be taken. (For more involved installations, BEMA strongly recommends a professional do the installation.)

Measuring Tools
     BEMA recommends that you use the following tools in order to get accurate measurements of your bath enclosures. Recommended tools include: a tape measure, 12 and 48 inch levels, a pencil, a protractor, and paper with grids.

A Simple Tub Enclosure
     The key measurements are from the top of the tub to the top of the tile or fiberglass surround and the width of the tub opening. Due to construction variations, the height should be measured on both sides of the opening and the width should be measured at the top, middle and bottom. Use a 48-inch level to be sure the tub and sidewalls are level.

A Simple Shower Door
     For a shower door that fills the entire shower opening, measure the height and width of the opening, again measuring the height on both sides of the opening and the width at the top, middle and bottom. Use a 12-inch level to be sure the threshold and sidewalls are level and straight.

A Custom Shower Enclosure
     An enclosure that turns an angle or has one or more buttress walls, such as neo-angle and 90 degree angle, need to be measured and checked for level and plumb in several places.

     For each vertical wall, measure from the curb to the top of the tile or fiberglass shower surround. Also measure the height from the curb to the top of each buttress.

     Measurements should be taken of each horizontal run at a particular height and in one direction. (Again, be sure to take horizontal measurements at top, middle and bottom.)

If the enclosure turns an angle, be sure to use a piece of paper to mark the angle, even if it is supposed to be a 90° return.

A level should be placed on all horizontal surfaces to be sure they are level and on all verticals to be sure they are straight.

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