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Details About the Products We Use for Our Shower Enclosures

At Shower Doors by TJ, we have shared essential information about the products we use for our shower enclosure systems. These include glass types, dimensions, and proper care and maintenance.

Glass Types and Protection

Clear glass is used in 99% of all shower enclosures. Textured or tinted glass, even though still somewhat see-through, tends to hide the shower stall from the outside. So clear glass enclosure is better if you want to show off new tiles or open up your bathroom.

Besides the obvious “see-through” advantage, clear glass is much more competitively priced. Textured glass that is 3/8" thick costs at least twice more than clear glass. At Shower Doors by TJ, we use Crystal Clear glass, which is of a higher grade. There are many thicknesses available for various setups, including the following:

  • Heavy glass frameless: 3/8" and 1/2" (rare) (clear, rarely textured or tinted)
  • Semi-frameless: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" (clear, rarely textured or tinted)
  • Framed: 3/16" to 1/4" (clear and textured patterns are common)
  • Home glass: 1/8" to 1/2"

We currently have several textured glass types from various glass companies, both for framed and semi-frameless enclosures. The basics patterns are “Rain” and “Pattern 62” (pebble). We can bring large samples for you to inspect during the detail/measurement phase. For pricing details, please contact us.

There are more patterns for 3/8” thick glasses available from HMI Glass and Trulite Glass, our suppliers. Visit their websites today and see the other variations.

The T-10 glass protectant is a one-step coating that fills in the irregularities on the surface of the glass with a non-buildup, crystal clear, nano-coating substance. This formula is used by 95% of all glass coating companies. The other 5% use an “ion changing”-based product normally called “ShowerGuard,” which is extremely expensive at about $9 per square foot.


This protectant is sold by other companies under another name for up to $7.50 per square foot. You could spend $208.00 to $316.00 for a normal walk-in frameless shower. But with us, it will only be about $108.00! Our product is more reasonably priced because we purchase it in bulk quantities, apply cleaners like a primer after installation, and use the T-10 sealer after the primer.

But we don’t stop there—our company’s affordable pricing continues. From the regular $4.50 per square foot rate, our T-10 glass protectant is on a Super Discount sale at $3.00 per square foot! And like the rest of our products, these come with a lifetime warranty.

Heights and Widths

We can build your shower enclosure to any height or fraction of an inch you can imagine. However, there are standard heights that can save you significant money if they work for your project. The most important benchmark for shower enclosure height is how it looks to you, the owner. If you are deciding between two standard heights, always lean toward the taller. You'll be happier in the end.

The “standard” is recognized as a “Glass Stock” issue. If the door glass is “in stock” or carried “in stock” (sized, polished, holed, or tempered), then there is a significant cost reduction to “make up” several at a time. This saving is passed along to you. On the other hand, splash shields and panels are never "in stock.” They are always custom-sized. What determines the standard or "in stock" is always the door and its width and height.

The next benchmark for shower enclosure height is the glass height in relationship to the showerhead. An accepted minimum is the glass height being at or above the bottom of the showerhead. The height of the enclosure is determined from off the top of the “curb” down or from the threshold or step-over where the door will be located going up.

Aside from these, there are correlations between widths and heights and glass type that influence the “standard.” These factors are determined by weight or by what is most common or most generally accepted by builders as well as pan, tub, and shower manufacturers.

We have shared some of the most current standard heights used in various shower doors and enclosures. Again, these are the sizes that can help you save more money.


  • Framed door – any width (in 1" increments, 22" - 36"); heights: 65", 69"
  • Framed door and panel(s) – any width (see above); heights: 67", 71", 76", and 80"
  • Framed bypass doors – any width (in 2" increments, 40" - 64"); heights: 58", 66", and 70"


  • Semi-frameless door – widths: 24" and 30" (clear glass); heights: 69" and 74"
  • Semi-frameless door and panel(s) – any width (see above); heights: 71" and 76"
  • Semi-frameless bypass doors – widths: 48", 54", and 60" (1/4" thick clear glass); heights: 58" and 71"
  • Semi-frameless bypass doors – widths: 48" and 60" (3/8" thick clear glass); heights: 58", 66", 71", and 76"


  • Frameless door – widths: 28" (clear glass); heights: 72", 76" and 80"
  • Frameless door and panel(s) – any widths (see above); heights: 72", 76", and 80"

We can provide you with the price differences between the standard heights and non-standard heights. As you can expect, the price difference between standard heights is much less while the price differences between standard and non-standard heights can be much greater.

Care and Cleaning

Heights Care and Cleaning

We have shared 10 ways to make your new shower enclosure's beauty last forever!

  1. Rinse all parts of the enclosure after use.
  2. Use a high-quality sweep squeegee after every use, preferably rubber and not vinyl.
  3. Occasionally wipe the enclosure glass with a mild detergent diluted in water.
  4. Keep shower doors ajar and enclosures open so that air can circulate to reduce mildew growth.
  5. On glass surfaces, do not use bristle brushes, abrasive sponges, scouring powder, or sharp instruments.
  6. On metal surfaces, do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, acids, waxes, alcohol, or solvents.
  7. Do not let cleaners sit or soak on surfaces.
  8. Bar soap has a bonding agent which sticks to glass. Use body wash instead.
  9. In areas with hard water, wipe the glass dry after each use as you would towel your hands with a soft cloth.
  10. Rinse and wipe enclosures after cleaning to prevent soap buildup.

Some Products To Consider

  • Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Green Works Glass Cleaner
  • Mr. Clean With Febreze Freshness Antibacterial Spray
  • Windex Nature’s Source Glass Cleaner
  • Windex Original Glass Cleaner (Blue)

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

All parts and labor are covered by our lifetime limited warranty. Exceptions are breakage or scratches on the glass, the *plastic sweep, and **damages caused by being in the more humid South, such as mold or mildew on the silicone.

*Plastic sweeps are available for a nominal fee.

**We use the best available “bio-guard” mildew-resistant, 100% silicone caulking.

Products Covered by Our Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Heavy glass frameless: doors (minimum to maximum standard size), door and panel(s), bypass slider – 3/8" - 1/2" glass thickness
  • Semi-frameless: door (minimum to maximum standard size), door and panel(s), bypass slider – 3/16" - 3/8 "glass thickness
  • Framed: door (minimum to maximum standard size), door and panel(s), bypass slider – 5/32" - 3/16" glass thickness
  • Home glass: custom-made for shelves and furniture covers

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