Quality Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures for Your Property

Shower Doors by TJ designs and installs semi-frameless doors as well as door and panel systems for your shower. We offer huge discounts, making us one of your most affordable options for quality results. Our installations are top of the line, manufactured by HMI Glass out of Louisville KY. To see pictures of their products go to

Some Facts About Systems

Our semi-frameless enclosures are very similar to framed ones, usually having the same footer, header, and side jams. But some of the frame parts can be eliminated for various purposes. In a semi-frameless door, the metal on the top and strike side (handle) of the door is removed. We also use a thicker 1/4" glass as opposed to the 3/16" glass in framed doors.

Key Differences

All the variations of our semi-frameless enclosures have a header, footer, and two wall jams on the left and right sides. However, there are some differences:

  • In a door and in-line panel setup, only two sides of the door metal are removed.
  • In a door and return panel setup, only two sides of the door metal are eliminated, with the vertical corner metal sometimes, but rarely, omitted.
  • In a bypass (slider) door, only the metal on the sides of the sliding glass panels is eliminated.


The glasses for semi-frameless enclosures come at thicknesses of 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8". Doors usually have 1/4"-thick glasses while panels are usually at 3/16".

Most come with textured designs with some metal colors available. For the normal clear glass, we offer discounts greater than 35%.

Swing Doors

All swing door enclosures use "continuous hinges,” making them quiet and sturdy. We do not use builder-grade "pivot" swing doors.

Components Manufactured in the US

Our company uses only the highest grade of semi-frameless enclosures manufactured by HMI Glass in Louisville, Kentucky. Since these are all American-made products, you can be sure that they are strong and long-lasting.

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